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PRYNT POCKET Review - [2nd generation] - is time for printing Pics

PRYNT POCKET Review : There came a time when lovers of photos questioned the idea of taking photos with their phones and not bothering to upload them on the Internet. Through, a crowd funding source, the lead innovation in conceiving the idea of Prynt pocket sought to alleviate this long-desired need. Through the startup, Prynt's developed this type of technique that enabled you to embed your handset to the case and print your photo. In this kind of case, it used AirPrint technology to print only to its compatible printers.

Even as it was the first ever case for the new breed of iPhones, it came and it indeed assured lovers of photos that they only had to power their handsets. It just involved plugging their cases onto their iPhones, snap a given photo and immediately print it out in a matter of minutes. But as technology became more sophisticated and captivating, there was the need for developing this work further. The need for a more lightweight, portable and a device that could allow you to print your photos over Wi-Fi became a necessity. So then came the second generation of the Prynt, which is a camera worth your time and age.

On this PRYNT POCKET Review, you will get to know why the second generation of the Prynt is in the world on its own as far as snapping and instant printing (and it means instant) of your photos.


The allure that the Prynt Pocket brings

The second generation of Prynt case has this allure of the modern day instant camera due to the ease with which you can set it up and the second minute you are there taking instant photos and printing them right away. The whole experience makes you rethink, especially I f you though instant the whole idea of instant photos is archaic.

Of the many deliverables is the fact that the modern version of Prynt simply enables you to record a 10 second-video and then attach it to physical photograph! Come to think of it, you have this photo that you are looking at through your phone using a Print app, and then you see how the video plays over the same picture. In short, you need to imagine something close to your printing a vine or a snap chat.

The modular design

Of the many advancements and modifications added to the second generation of Prynt is its design to be modular. Do you need to know why? Yes! From the first generation, you realized that it only worked with the iPhones; the modification in the second generation, therefore, enabled it to fit in different types of phones.

More precisely, the case is compatible with iPhone series, and more excitingly, it will be available for other Android versions later in the year. Also, the exciting bit with this generation springs from the fact that a part of the case becomes easy to change on the model of your phone. It then means that when you upgrade or even change phones, you are spared from the agony of having a new set of Prynt case.

You just need to purchase a new dock and proceed with your printing fantasy.  Sounds authentic and easy!

The beauty

Next, the second generation of the Prynt is simply beautiful and you can fall in love with it from the onset. Made with graphite, cool gray and mint, it shies away from the 1st generation's black and white models.

These cases are simply gorgeous and to add to this beauty are the matching leather grips that in turn make the case too chic to ignore. Just before you forget about this asset, you need to know and understand that you will never deal with cartridges or even ink since this generation of Prynt only uses a special paper that has the ink embedded inside.

In short, you just need to load the paper and print right away.

It is very portable

Since you get concerned about portability of the case, worry not because the case can only hold a maximum of 10 sheets. Easier still, any case of a refill, is enabled through the Prynt app which will then include a pack of the ten photos each having a Prynt case reward just for you as a Kickstarter.

Final thought

The latest generation of the Prynt case is simply amazing. Why? When you finally decide to stick your photos after printing, you have the self-adhesive backing that helps you display your printed photos more conveniently. In this case, you do not need to be worried about wear and tear as you can just peel them off and re-apply as many times you may consider it proper for you.

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