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ODiN Aurora Review, A Mouse from the future. First Projection Mouse

Hello my friends today we are going to talk about a mouse that is the first of here kind, it the World's First Projection Mouse, and it call ODiN Aurora.

ODiN Aurora Review:

let start with the design of the mouse, as you can see in the picture below the mouse it very small compared to regular mouse.

and it build to rest your arm as your wrist comfortably rests on the table or other surfaces, your shoulder and arm muscles can take a break, so you can focus on work, game, or both, or anything!

ODiN Aurora supports multipoint controls. In the 8cm x 8cm project area, you only need, at most, two fingers to click, scroll, drag and zoom, as easy as that! With low CPU loading and responsive design, it enables smoother design and gaming experiences, wherever you go.

for colors the mouse come with 3 deferent colors : metal green, bright silver, and charcoal black.

 Privacy has been a concern for some people as they use gesture controllers, such as virtual keyboards, as cameras are integrated in the operation. Well, no worries with ODiN Aurora! With no camera involved, your privacy is ensured. It's good for confidential meetings of course, with doubled response speeds, minimized sensing modules, and smaller package.

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