Sumsung Galaxy S8 DeX Dock

One of the most popular smartphones on the market right now is the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Having only been recently released. these new Samsung smartphones boast everything a consumer could want in a smartphone such as stunning edge-to-edge displays, wireless charging, iris biometric security and a lot more.

Its pre-order sales record means Apple have an uphill struggle in 2017 especially after the bad press it received for removing the audio jack from the iPhone 7. Luckily for Apple, innovative startups found a way to bring the audio port back to the iPhone through Fuze. However, the iPhone 7 is still no match for the Galaxy S8. Apart from its groundbreaking features, the handset made headlines due to its cutting-edge accessory that promises to change the way people use their desktop PCs.

Introducing the Samsung DeX Station

Sumsung Galaxy S8 DeX Dock

This small device enables users to create a desktop experience on their Galaxy smartphones, allowing the use of mobile apps, making and receiving calls, and even remotely accessing a virtual Windows machine on a single paired PC.

CNBC’s Todd Haselton said the DeX Station is ‘the future,’ as he recalls the experience of using the accessory with his Galaxy S8 to replace his work computer.
“It's magical and a bit unbelievable that what you see is actually powered by your smartphone,” he explained.
Using the apps

Sumsung Galaxy S8 DeX Dock

On the desktop interface, users are able to access the same Android apps installed on their smartphone. Shortcuts to the Samsung apps are installed immediately and are available on desktop. Android Central’s Florence Ion suggests the best ways to use apps on DeX is by “getting into the habit of sparking these up when you get into DeX, since they've already been optimized for a larger display and desktop interface” even if you do not regularly use them.
However, some apps are still having problems with the platform, such as Facebook, Pokémon TCGO, and even Spotify. With Facebook, DeX displays the standard phone version of the app on a bigger screen. This means a large Messenger box will appear on the whole screen if someone messages. The Pokémon game does not work on the platform as it requires touch input, while Spotify prompts a notification on the monitor saying that it isn’t optimized for multiple screen sizes.
Get a speaker or wireless headphones
Since the smartphone will be resting on the dock, the headphone jack will be inaccessible to use. The audio will be routed through the handset’s lone speaker.

Although it’s not a requirement, getting a speaker or some Bluetooth-enabled headphones will allow users to enjoy consuming audio content (i.e. music or movies) rather than use the smartphone’s built-in speaker. Bose QuietComfort 35 is our coolest headphones in 2016 and it continues to amaze us with its great performance. But, in terms of comfort, we enjoyed the Bellboy Smart Bluetooth Earphones that comes with clear and sharp sounds that cancel out background noises without the bulkiness of headphones.

Added security
When it comes to securing files, Samsung made sure that users continue to receive the same layer of protection even when they access mobile data via their computers. The smartphone received a massive upgrade from its fingerprint scanner to its iris sensor. O2 discussed the Galaxy S8 Plus’ security features and explained that the new biometric technology is up to 200 times more secure than the previous sensor. Users can unlock their devices just by looking at the screen.

The DeX also features the most advanced security to protect the user’s files, passwords, and sensitive data.
The DeX station is definitely a step towards the future that can further encourage the enterprise to fully adopt mobile technology as a full-fledge device for work purposes. However, there are still some improvements to be made to ensure it remains useful and practical for users. It’s still not advanced enough to be replacing PCs anytime soon but it’s certainly remarkable in its own right. Nevertheless, this technology allows us to see right through the next innovative technologies that will change the way we do business.

1. No need to upload, emails, or even transfer files. Users can access it on their devices.
2. Samsung pass is enabled to allow users to quickly login to their online accounts. This prevents them from typing their password again and again.
3. Folders are made more secure as users can now place an additional password to keep sensitive information even safer.

Author: Techie JenB

Author description: TechieJenB is a graduate who studied information technology with a passion for mobile devices, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and all the latest innovative tech solutions. She has attended a couple of tech conferences in Europe. Her plan after graduation is to build a machine learning development company. that aims to assist learners in developing nations with the best possible education.

For all you fiddlers, tinkerers, and gadgeteers, I want you to know: I get it.

There isn't anything more satisfying than hunching over your desk and plugging away with a new toy, or dreaming up a few new tools for ourselves. Some of the greatest inventions were hatched from the basements of average humans.

I created The Ridge because I was fed up with the bulkiness of wallets. Let’s be clear, I’m not comparing The Ridge to some of the more influential inventions of our time, but I will say it was a DIY attempt at solving what, at the time, was a very real problem—because most wallets are terrible.

Let’s all remind ourselves of those bulky leather billfolds that line the pockets of men all over the world. They’re large, inefficient, and so ergonomically unsound that they've been known to cause back problems. The shortcomings of traditional wallets is so widespread, people don’t even seem to notice. Men everyone have become so comfortable with that cash carrier that they don’t know what they’re missing.

So I approached this a little different: I just got rid of everything. I dumped the entire contents of my wallet, grabbed a rubber band, and said “I’m only taking what I need. And, a few years later, The Ridge fills the pockets of over 200,000 men all over the world.
So why do I think The Ridge wallet belongs on Desktop Gadgets?
On a fundamental level, I think The Ridge shares a lot of similarities with tech. Tech tools allow us to do things differently and the wallet isn't any different. The entire concept of the minimalist wallet undermines that of the traditional bifold. You have to carry less.

So while tech gadgets often let’s us do more, having a slim wallet that makes you carry less can be beneficial in the same way. At the end of the day, you’re doing things better.

And, like a lot of good tech, The Ridge was built to be modularized, able to change and adjust to serve the needs you define. From carrying one to twelve cards, to having the choice between a money clip or not, The Ridge can take many forms.


And finally, we’re passionate about creating products that future proof against technology.

At the Schmoocon hacker conference in 2012, Kristin Paget used a $50 RFID reader to skim an audience member’s credit card, encoded that information onto a blank card with a $300 dollar card-magnetizing, and used Square’s iPhone attachment to pay herself 15 dollars.

Moral of the story? You’re better safe than sorry.

The tricky thing about data security is that it doesn’t seem like you need it until it’s too late. Even as credit card companies implement one-time transaction codes or the European-style chip-and-PIN system (we also think it’s annoying), taking the precautionary steps is a great way to cover your bases.

The Ridge was built with the future in mind—data-safe and looking great.

Author: Daniel Kane
Author url:
Author description: Daniel Kane and his father founded The Ridge back in 2013. 4 years and 200k wallets later, they've helped revolutionize men's everyday carry all over the world.

PRYNT POCKET Review : There came a time when lovers of photos questioned the idea of taking photos with their phones and not bothering to upload them on the Internet. Through, a crowd funding source, the lead innovation in conceiving the idea of Prynt pocket sought to alleviate this long-desired need. Through the startup, Prynt's developed this type of technique that enabled you to embed your handset to the case and print your photo. In this kind of case, it used AirPrint technology to print only to its compatible printers.

Even as it was the first ever case for the new breed of iPhones, it came and it indeed assured lovers of photos that they only had to power their handsets. It just involved plugging their cases onto their iPhones, snap a given photo and immediately print it out in a matter of minutes. But as technology became more sophisticated and captivating, there was the need for developing this work further. The need for a more lightweight, portable and a device that could allow you to print your photos over Wi-Fi became a necessity. So then came the second generation of the Prynt, which is a camera worth your time and age.

On this PRYNT POCKET Review, you will get to know why the second generation of the Prynt is in the world on its own as far as snapping and instant printing (and it means instant) of your photos.


The allure that the Prynt Pocket brings

The second generation of Prynt case has this allure of the modern day instant camera due to the ease with which you can set it up and the second minute you are there taking instant photos and printing them right away. The whole experience makes you rethink, especially I f you though instant the whole idea of instant photos is archaic.

Of the many deliverables is the fact that the modern version of Prynt simply enables you to record a 10 second-video and then attach it to physical photograph! Come to think of it, you have this photo that you are looking at through your phone using a Print app, and then you see how the video plays over the same picture. In short, you need to imagine something close to your printing a vine or a snap chat.

The modular design

Of the many advancements and modifications added to the second generation of Prynt is its design to be modular. Do you need to know why? Yes! From the first generation, you realized that it only worked with the iPhones; the modification in the second generation, therefore, enabled it to fit in different types of phones.

More precisely, the case is compatible with iPhone series, and more excitingly, it will be available for other Android versions later in the year. Also, the exciting bit with this generation springs from the fact that a part of the case becomes easy to change on the model of your phone. It then means that when you upgrade or even change phones, you are spared from the agony of having a new set of Prynt case.

You just need to purchase a new dock and proceed with your printing fantasy.  Sounds authentic and easy!

The beauty

Next, the second generation of the Prynt is simply beautiful and you can fall in love with it from the onset. Made with graphite, cool gray and mint, it shies away from the 1st generation's black and white models.

These cases are simply gorgeous and to add to this beauty are the matching leather grips that in turn make the case too chic to ignore. Just before you forget about this asset, you need to know and understand that you will never deal with cartridges or even ink since this generation of Prynt only uses a special paper that has the ink embedded inside.

In short, you just need to load the paper and print right away.

It is very portable

Since you get concerned about portability of the case, worry not because the case can only hold a maximum of 10 sheets. Easier still, any case of a refill, is enabled through the Prynt app which will then include a pack of the ten photos each having a Prynt case reward just for you as a Kickstarter.

Final thought

The latest generation of the Prynt case is simply amazing. Why? When you finally decide to stick your photos after printing, you have the self-adhesive backing that helps you display your printed photos more conveniently. In this case, you do not need to be worried about wear and tear as you can just peel them off and re-apply as many times you may consider it proper for you.

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Obsidian 3D Printer Review :

If you are thinking in getting on of this 3D printers one of the most important things that you will consider is the Price. Most of the 3D printers Are Holy Expansive. and if you want to get one for a cheaper price you may be into Chinese 3D printer, yes they are cheaper but the quality and design -you know it- .

Now Kodama offering us a high quality designed 3D printer Called: "Obsidian". Which is considered one of the best 3] printers currently in the market. that combine between Quality, beauty and the best price ever.

Tech Specifics:

  • [vtab]
    • Basic Specs:
      • - Printing Technology: FDM
        - Chassis: Aluminum
        - Screen: 3.2" TFT Touch*
        - Connectivity: USB, SD/WiFi*
        - Camera: 2 megapixel webcam*
    • Printing Features:
      • - Build Volume: 120x120x120mm
        - Layer Thickness: 50-350μm
        - Heat Range: 180-250°C

Why Obsidian?

Obsidian has been in development since 2015, and is Kodama’s first in-house self designed 3D printer, in collaboration with an all-star team of various industry experts. Kodama founder and CEO Michael Husmann is a former project manager at Apple.

The mechanics and internals were handled by an ex Bosch engineer with 3D printing experience. Quality control and electronics were done in consultation with a Singapore based electrical engineer with 30 years experience. Obsidian‘s UI/UX designer works for a major automobile manufacturer. Assembly line bids are in discussion with Flextronics (who assembled the original Trinus) and Foxconn.

for the usability of the printer, you won't find any problem in using it just plug it and print. you can use any software out there to generate your 3D art, and you can use virtual reality to make you designs and print them.

if you are thinking into securing your house with cameras. Canary company suggest on you 'Canary Flex' a high definition camera with 1080p image sensor and Motion detection and also an automatic night vision mode for a clear view in night.

The 'Canary Flex' Can be used plugged in or runs on an extended-life rechargeable 6700 mAh lithium-ion battery in full charge it will function for a fully two months.

The camera stand for a really nice looking design, with a solid build quality. and easy to use, it has a magnetic field built in make it very easy to be mounted anywhere easily.

Canary Flex equipped with a High-quality microphone and a Built-in speaker. so you can heard what is going on in both live mode and storage mode.
for Connectivity 'Canary Flex' use Dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
the camera it waterproof. so that you keep your eye on your home, inside and out, regardless of the conditions. Unfazed by tough weather, Canary Flex is designed to withstand rain, snow, heat, or cold.

'Canary Flex' use the cloud storage, there is no local storage. for $9.99 / month you will get :
- 30-day recorded video history with unlimited downloads and no data caps
- Home Deductible Reimbursement up to $1,000*
- Incident Support services for home theft events
- 2-year extended device warranty

what you should know about the storage is that the more devices you have connected to the storage cloud the storage cost increase. if you have two devices connected the cost will be $15 /month , and 4 connected devices the cost will be $20 /month. Additional devices can be added at $5 per month. Discounted annual rates are ten times the monthly rate.

now to the controlling side, for that you will need to download the Canary Mobile App, the app is on the both the Play Store and the App Store. for Android and IOS. the app is very easy to use. The app give you the possibility to be everywhere at once.


for accessory canary give you 3 accessory to choose from for your camera:

1- Secure Mount:
Secure Mount attaches to any wall or surface, inside or out, making your Canary Flex more secure wherever you place it.

2- Twist Mount:
Whether you hang it or wrap it, Twist Mount creates vantage points for your Canary Flex and adjusts to any space.

3- Stake Mount:
Plant out of sight to keep what matters in view. Likes water and moderate sun.

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If you want to escape from the outside world, eliminate the noise around you and just lose yourself in your music, what better way is there to do it than by using headphone?

Headphones are great to use when listening to music or when watching TV or a movie. You may also use them to study, if you have those audio lessons on tape, or when you want to read a book but do not have the time, you can just listen to the audio books.

Professionally, headphones are used in editing videos and incorporating sound, or for recording purposes. In communications, there are headsets which combine the functionalities of a microphone, a telephone, and a headphone.

There are hundreds of applications for headphones. If you want to choose the type of headphones that will best suit your needs, take a look first at its parts and structure:

- Driver - the part of the headphone that produces the sound.

- Earpiece - this holds the driver up to your ear. There are earpieces that cover the entire part of your ears, while some are small, rounded pieces that would fit the inner part of your ear. Several earpiece types are available, depending on the appllication.

- Attachment system - depending on the type of headphones, the attachment system ensures that the earpiece will securely fit your ears.

- Finally, the other parts are the headands, for types which require one, and the wires and jacks which will attach the earpiece to the music player or device where the headphones are attached to.

Headphones are typically attached to devices such as mobile phones, CD or MP3 players,walkman, mobile phones and personal computers.

There are two types of headphones:

1. Sound-proof

This type of headphone is used when you want to isolate yourself from the sounds of the outside world.

You can use this in loud environments so that the sound coming from your music player or any other device is the only sound that you hear.

Sound-proof headphones are mostly the types which have headbands and the earpiece surrounds the entire area of your ear.

These have monitors designed to fit the inner ear. They have a sealed design, and if you want to go for this type of earphones, make sure that the brand offers a good sound quality.

They are designed to "cancel" outside noise.

Generally, the open type design offers better sound quality than the sound-proof variant.

2. Open-type

This type of headphones generally have a greater sound quality than the enclosed, sound-proof ones.

The open design makes for a more effective listening device.

In terms of design, there are also hundreds of types to choose from. Here are some examples:

- Clip-ons

This type does not have headbands. The attachment system of clip-on headphones comprise of two ear-buds that you can easily 'plug" into your

- Wireless

This is convenient because it frees you up from wires and lets you move around freely while listening to your music.

- In-ear-monitor.

These are tiny headphones which conveniently fits into your ear canal. This type of headphone is more expensive and has a more sophisticated design. It can be used for professional and surveillance purposes.

- Earbuds

These are small earphones with two small, rounded earpieces that fits the inner part of your ear.

- Headsets

This is composed of a microphone and a headset, and is mostly used for communicating.

- Noise-canceling

The attachment system of sound-proof headphones contain a suspension system in the headband. This characteristic prevents outside noise from interfering with the sound produced by your audio or video device.

- Street style

This has is mostly used for listening to your MP3 files, and has a headband that you can fit at the back of your head.

- Earpad

This type of headphones have soft, flat pads which serve as earpieces.

There are several types and styles of earphones which are available in the market now.

When choosing the right headphones to fit your lifestyle, make sure that you know what is important to you. You may choose it based on design,
application or brand.

Finally, make sure that you do not compromise the sound quality, since this is your purpose for owning headphones: to have a reliable listening device that will produce the best sound possible.

In this post post we will try to give you the best gadgets that Avantree provide for its customers. hope you find this article useful:

1- Charging station:Let's start with a solution to the problem of organizing and charging devices, you know if you're like the majority, your disk my look something like this :

I know the picture is exaggerated, but you got the idea.
Now what "AVANTREE" is offering here, a very beautiful idea, A multi-device Charging station :

- MULTI-PORT AND WIDE GAP DESIGN: 10 charging ports and 100w charging power, 1 quick charge 3.0 port, 1 USB-C/Type C port and 8 smart USB ports, meet your needs when charging several mobile phones or tablets simultaneously. Supports devices with thick cases, such as Otterbox.
- QUICK CHARGE 3.0 CHARGING DOCK: With 1 QC3.0 charging port, will fast charge QC2.0/3.0 compatible devices (e.g. Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 5 etc) 4 times quicker than an ordinary charger. (Please refer to description for a more detailed model list)
- UNIVERSAL CHARGING with USB-C/Type C: Compatible with USB-C/Type C phones and tablets at their normal speed, andType C Supported Devices e.g. LG G5, HTC 10, Google Nexus etc. at up to 5X base charging speed. (Please refer to the description for a more detailed model list.)
- CLUTTER REDUCING DESIGN: Special bamboo case makes for a unique decoration at home, office, organization etc. You can manage all of the charging cables with the provided cable ties and hide them underneath the box; resulting in a neat and stylish charging centre!
- HIGH SAFETY CHARGING STANDARD: Built-in smart charging IC, providing the maximum safe current for each device. Short circuit protection, over heat protection, CE and UL licensed AC adapter guarantees you a safe charger.

Bamboo Station:
* Input: DC 12-24V,
* Output: 5V, total 14A / 100W (Share 14A when all the ports in use).
* Amount of USB socket: 8 ports
* Smartport: built-in a smart identification IC.
* Type C: 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A,9-12V/1.5A
* QC3.0: 3.6-6.5V/3A,6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A
* Product size: 286*193*111 mm
* Product net weight: around 1843g.
* Product packing weight: around 2500g
* Certification: CE, FCC, RoHs
AC adapter:
* Input: AC 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz 2.0A MAX
* Output: DC24V/ 4A
* Certification: CE, FCC, UL, cUL, PSE, CB, GS, RoHs, CCC

2- Headphone Stand:

Another solution from AVANTREE is a Headphone Stand, as you know throwing your Headphone any were, will damage your Headphone. so by getting one of this Headphone Stand you will get two things one is making you desk look cool and second is protecting your Headphone:

HEADPHONE STAND & CABLE HOLDER - Give your headphones a stylish resting place and keep your workspace clean and organized.
STURDY & STABLE STRUCTURE - Made in solid aluminum alloy and bamboo to provide a safe and stable foundation for your headphones.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & STYLISH DESIGN - Environmentally friendly bamboo material makes it a unique and stylish decoration for home, office, studio, bedroom or next to your TV.
UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - It fits most headphones with a headband width within 1.97inch/5cm and device height within 12inch/30.5cm.

*Base size: 13.5*18.5cm
*Stand Height: 30.5cm
*Head Band Width: 5cm
*Weight: 385g

=> get one from Amazon. more info

3- Cable ties:
simple but very useful , this cable ties are great for keeping your cables organized and they will help you to manage your cables easily, ad by combining them with the multi-device Charging station you will get the ultimate setup.

  • 50 PCS reusable cable ties in package
  • 3 different sizes ( 10’’ x 0.8’’, 6’’ x 0.6’’, 5’’ x 0.5’’ ) for your various needs
  • Ideal for keeping all kinds of cords cables well organized and tidy in place
  • Fabric material, reusable and durable
  • Variety of color options -Black, White, Blue, Pink, Yellow
  • Special design to easily fix the cable ties on your cables and no longer worry about losing
L/ 10pcs 10’’ x 0.8’’, M/ 20pcs 6’’ x 0.6’’, S/ 20pcs 5’’ x 0.5’’

=> get one from Amazon. more info

4- Bluetooth Mini Soundbar "Torpedo":Avantree Torpedo is a bluetooth mini soundbar It has two powerful 5W speakers and dual-channel to deliver surprisingly superb and full-range sound:

* DSP (Digital signal processing) technology supports multi-sound effects – 3D Surround Stereo Sound / Super Bass / Balance Audio
* Two powerful 5W speakers and dual-channel deliver surprisingly superb and full-range sound
* This speaker is the best companion of Tablet for watching movies and playing games in 3D surround mode. A tablet / mobile Desk Display Stand is included for free gift.
* Bluetooth 4.1 speaker for wireless music or other audio streaming and an additional audio line input for use with non-Bluetooth sound sources
* Slim portable appearance, durable design
* Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled media players, mobile phones and laptops

-Bluetooth version: 4.1
-Support profiles: A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.4
-Battery: Built-in 2200mAh @ 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery
-Working time: up to 6 hours
-Operational range: 10 meters
-Output power: 5 W×2 THD<0.5%
-Charger voltage: DC5V
-Charge time: About 3 hours
-Frequency response: 50 Hz~20 KHz
-Signal-to-noise ration: >85 dB
-Product weight: 470 g
-Dimensions: 270 mm x 58 mm x 50 mm

=> get one from Amazon. more info

5- AptX Low Latency Bluetooth Headphones:

* Benefit from aptX Low Latency Codec, minimizing lag and ‘lip-sync’ delay, ideal for watching movies or playing games.
*Know the status of your headphones at all times with the convenient voice-prompt feature.
*With built-in bass boost to adjust audio for your gaming, music, movie or TV preferences.
*Easy one-touch pairing with NFC (Near Field Communication).
*Ultra-soft protein leather ear pads and adjustable headband for maximum comfort.
*Dedicated 3.5 mm line input, for use with wired audio sources.

* Bluetooth V4.1
* Supports profiles: headset, handsfree, A2DP, AVRCP
* Audio Formats supported: aptX Low Latency, SBC and AAC codec support
* Operation range: Class 2, 10 meters
* Driver Diameter: 40mm
* Impedance:32 ohm
* Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
* Rechargeable lithium battery capacity: 550 mAh
* Up to 40 hours music time and 20 days standby time
* Headset size: 180mm x 170mm X 80mm
* Ear pad inner diameter: 6.3cm(length) * 4cm(width)
* Ear pad Outer diameter:10cm(length) * 8.5cm(width)
* Headset weight: 200g

=> get one from Amazon. more info

Evapolar air cooler review : Start enjoying eco-friendly and energy efficient evaporative climate technology right now with Evapolar! Create your personal microclimate and enjoy ultimate comfort exactly when you need it and where you need it!

Evapolar works on power of water evaporation — the simplest and most efficient cooling technology since ancient times. Evaporative coolers already exist but you may have never heard about them - they are all very bulky and if your hot season is short they are not presented on your market at all. But Evapolar is not just another evaporative cooler. It received a number of upgrades that make it truly unique. And the main one is that we managed to make it both powerful and compact so you could put it on your table.

Microclimate area: 3 m2
Cools 1 person's working place, sleeping area or traveling tent. Most efficiently covers the area of 2-3 m2. Doesn't cool the whole room.

Temperature reduction: 4–17°C
Decreases outgoing airflow temperature down to 17°C / 30°F degrees depending on the humidity level. Works best in dry and hot climate. Has a limited cooling effect with humidity higher over 70%.

Operating time:  4–6 hours
Works 4–6 hours from the one water supply. Operating time depends on the humidity and temperature level in the room.

Evapolar air cooler review:

1. How does Evapolar work?

Evapolar is a portable personal device which not only chills but also humidifies and purifies the air around you. The working principle is very simple: you need to fill the removable water tank and plug Evapolar in. Within 2-3 minutes Evapolar cartridge absorbs a huge amount of water. The water then spreads evenly on the surface of the cooling pads. When the air goes through the pads, the water evaporates, which makes the air cool down while getting saturated with water. The in-built fan helps the cool air spread on the area of 3-4 sq m around you. The power control enables you to adjust the cooling effect, creating most comfortable thermal conditions for you.

2) What is the difference between Evapolar and other cooling devices?
Evapolar surpasses other cooling devices in many aspects. First of all, Evapolar is a personal device. It can help you create the most comfortable microclimate without invading the personal space of the people around you. Secondly, we call Evapolar “air conditioner” rather than “air cooler” due to its efficiency in comparison with “traditional” conditioners. Evapolar remains within the range of low-price tabletop devices, does not require any costs on installation and maintenance, and is ready to use right out of the box. Thirdly, Evapolar cools the air by evaporating water, which makes the device an efficient humidifier. You won’t have to buy a separate conditioner, humidifier, or purifier. Our technologies allow combining the three functions in one device. This is how it creates a so-called “personal microclimate”. The last but not the least, Evapolar consumes 100 times less power than standard split systems – only 10W – which will clearly have a positive effect on your electricity bills.

3. What does the cooling degree depend on?

The cooling degree depends on three factors: the outside air temperature, air humidity, and the power of the device that you choose yourself. The working principle of Evapolar is based on evaporation process. The higher the temperature and the lower the humidity is, the more actively the evaporation happens, and therefore the cooling effect is stronger.

The last factor that influences the temperature change is the power of the device. By adjusting it, you can choose the most comfortable thermal conditions for you.

4. How much does Evapolar reduce the temperature and what area can it cool down?

The maximum temperature drop is 15C. It is worth mentioning that the change in temperature depends on external conditions and the device power. In regions of high humidity the difference may be 5 degrees, in dry and hot ones it may get up to 15C. We have tested the device all over the world and came to the conclusion that the comfortable temperature drop in people’s perception and in reality is different. Your body will always be the best indicator, since its needs vary just as dramatically depending on the native climate and current season. Classic conditioners do not take this fact into account. Singapore may be a vivid example: you can achieve necessary comfort there with the temperature loss of 5C, and the one of 10C is already unpleasant for your skin.

The cooling zone of Evapolar is 3-4 sq m. Evapolar is a personal device developed specifically for small areas. It will help you create most comfortable conditions at your workplace or recreational space.

5. How much noise does Evapolar make?

Evapolar is no louder than the cooling fan of your computer! The noise level depends on the power you set yourself. The normal noise level is 28-35 dB.

6. What do you mean by “eco-friendliness” of the device?

We care about your health as well as the health of our planet. The evaporative materials used in the device consist of completely organic-free fibers. It makes Evapolar different from conventional air conditioners that have evaporative pads and filters made of cellulose, a nutritional environment for microorganisms. Due to its materials, after half a year in the ground Evapolar will fully degrade without any harm to nature. The second important thing is that we do not use any chemically aggressive liquids, which can damage one’s health, for cooling. And finally, Evapolar consumes only 10W, which equals to the power of a simple light bulb. In this day and age, energy saving not only has economic benefits, but also enables us to reduce consumption of natural resources as well as emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

7. Does Evapolar work without power supply?

While using Evapolar, it should be plugged into the power supply. But it doesn’t have to be a power socket. You can plug Evapolar into a power bank, usb-port of your car or laptop, a solar battery. The only condition is that the power supply must have the output of 5V and 2A.

8. How do I know it’s time to replace the cartridge? Do I need to buy an extra cartridge right now?

You need to replace the cartridge every 8-12 months provided that you constantly use it during that period. At the moment there is no indication system which notifies you that the cartridge has expired. If you use clean water and wipe the working camera of the device from time to time, its lifecycle can be significantly increased.

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